We reserve the right to refuse delivery if conditions are deemed too difficult or hazardous for our drivers to complete.

    Banned List:These item ARE NOT to be placed in our dumpsters and if found additional fees will be added retroactively to the expense of the customer.

    • Hazardous Waste of ANY kind
    • Motor Oil or Other Auto Fluids***
    • Automotive or Household Batteries
    • Fluorescent Lights, Tubes, Fixtures or Bulbs
    • Televisions
    • Computer Monitors
    • Poisonous Plants
    • Liquid Waste
    • Appliances***
    • Tires***
    • Herbicides, Pesticides
    • Propane or Other Tanks
    • Paint Cans with Wet Paint. Lids Must be Removed & Paint Must be Dried***
    • Products Labeled Hazardous, Warning, Poison or other Cautionary Statements
    • Intact florescent tube lighting